You may not be the mother of dragons like the great Khaleesi but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a dragon with you at all times.

The Gothic Alchemy Right Dragon Ear Cuff / Wrap is perfect for any goth, dragon lover or anyone who finds mythical creatures simply alluring.

This unique piece of jewelry is not just your typical earring. In fact, you can be sure that people would stop and look because of its detailed quality and the uniqueness of its design.

How often do you find jewelry and accessories that wrap around your ear, giving you a mystical appeal? This miniature dragon wraps the rim of your right ear in a two-piece design that gives the illusion that the creature is emerging from your lobe! Not even Khaleesi can do that!

In fact, this eccentric piece of hand crafted jewelry is really all you need to stand out and be noticed. You can wear the simplest outfit but still grab stares and attention because of this unique masterpiece that makes you look like the tamer of magical dragons.

The great news is, this dragon jewelry will keep its amazing quality for prolonged periods of time because it is made of zinc alloy which makes it corrosion resistant. Just as a dragon is tough, so is this artistic gothic earrings.
What gives this jewelry its uniqueness and allure is the fact that it is handmade. This assures you that every thought and care went into creating your very own ear dragon.

This amazing piece of work is conveniently wrapped in a sealed clear bag and shipped inside a jewelry box. That way, you can be sure that the you’ll receive your dragon in superb quality.


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