Are you into the middle ages? Then you’d know that nothing better symbolizes medieval times than a dragon cross. These 2 images remind us of noble knights on their mighty steeds, off to defend their land from dragons. Or maybe you can picture a purpose-driven crusader carrying a huge cross.

If you find what you are imagining right now exciting, then the stainless steel dragon cross pendant is definitely for you. As you would have already guessed, this silver-colored pendant has 2 very powerful symbols of the medieval times – a fusion of a dragon and the cross.

If you are thinking about it as a gift, then rest assured that the receiver will be more than happy to wear the pendant bearing these 2 symbols around his or her neck.

This stainless steel dragon pendant is handmade with precision, making it look elegant and simply fascinating. It is made with premium materials too – 100% lead free stainless steel so it is corrosion resistant and will not easily tarnish or fade.

This unique piece of jewelry is solid and durable, built to last and tough like dragons.

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