About Us

Welcome to The Dragon’s Throne!

Whether you are here because you’re into the Goth culture, you’re a big fan of Game of Thrones, a serious Dungeons and Dragons gamer or you are simply fascinated by mythical creatures such as dragons, one thing is for sure – you will definitely find something you’ll like in this website.

We, from The Dragon’s Throne, are just like you – we love dragons and so we decided to set up this company based in El Paso, Texas. We figured that if it thrills us, then it must delight you too.

This website has everything you could possibly want – oil warmers, jewelry, incense burners, tables, book ends, wall decorations, kitchen items, treasure boxes and lamps – all with a dragon theme of course. So whether you are looking for an item for yourself or a gift for someone else, for as long as it’s about dragons, you’ll surely find it here.

We offer not just your usual dragon themed items either. One look at the products we carry and you can immediately spot the intricate details that make all the difference. We don’t just sell dragon designed book ends and tables, we’re giving you a chance to transform your room where myth and reality co-exist; where knights are fighting dragons and where the great Khaleesi commands them. And yes, they’re great conversation pieces too!

So go ahead and explore the site
Find a dragon item that will surely delight
Each detail will amaze your sight
Because it shows the dragon’s might

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